Baby Someday - Album Release Show


Auster Club, Berlin

Tourfinale and Album Release Show for Felidae

After a comprehensive European tour, Felidae are back with their new album "Baby Someday." Expect a raging release show at Auster Club, featuring the dresdener Band Paisley

Recorded in Berlin's Lowswing Studios, the band stays true to their unique blend of vintage rock-like sounds and experimental, oriental vibes in "Baby Someday".  The term "exoriental rock" is a result of an unconventional "multi-culti" style-mix founded in their international band biography.  Inspirations include bands like The Smiths and The Cure, Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana and the Beatles. Felidae frontman Omer Lichtenstein, originally from Israel, incorporates personal experiences as well as actual proceedings with a clear bearing into his lyrics.

Special Guest: Stonedrifter


 Auster Club

Pücklerstr. 34

10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg