Berlin Oriental Group, Halla-B, Tropikal Camel


Birgit & Bier

Last year we started to produce the Achtung:// Hafla events, that showcased the oriental groove genre and received great feedback from local music enthusiasts. We want to go from there and make the Achtung:// Hafla! a fixture in Berlin’s party calendars. From March on, every last Sunday of the month we will throw a Hafla in one of the best locations in Berlin- The Birgit&Bier, our favourite beer garden and night club at the same time. 

The Tropikal Camel is a sonic journey into the urban sound of middle eastern/North African futurism. An original fusion between traditional Arabic music with cutting edge electronic sounds.

Like a salt-sprinkling chef Berlin Oriental Group throws an Arabic-oriental rhythms and melodies, distorted guitars and electronic sounds into the melting pot and boiling it on a high fire of Berliner party spirit. The source of their inspiration comes from Mediterranean, Arabic and Balkan music as well as Funk, Rock, and Electro.

With their synthesizer-based uplifting performances, Halla-B caters to the perfect musical scenery for a Berlin-specific Hafla.