Food, Drinks and Music from the middle-east. 

A great  collaboration with our dear friend Erez Golko. Erez is a talented host from EatWith Israel, the new way to combine dining and social interaction. Together with Halla-B, this special event is being produced! Mediterranean 'Hafla' is a colourful gathering, welcoming the weekend. Therefore it is casual, easy-going and involving a lot of alcohol and music! Erez will sereve lots of mezes which based on different cuisines from the exotic Mediterranean kitchen. For example: Israeli, Greek, Egyptian, Sicilian, Turkish and more…

This homey Halfa Feast will take place this time at an industrial artists studio in south of Tel Aviv, "Mifal 1 TLV". It’s all about good precious food made with tons of love and great music. Halla-B by Omer Lichtenstein, is an X-Berliner music act. In his act he combines Middle-Eastern groove music with a synth based-psychedelic approach. in 2016 he founded with Anaphora Records a successful Hafla parties line in Berlin. Achtung:// Hafla! got a great name and an enthusiastic audience!!! and received great coverage and admiration from both the media and the music industry.