The Grooming project, formed by Giackxx (Giacomo Vanelli as dj and at the synth) and Paolo Girelli (bass guitar), was born as an electronic Italian duo project to become later a multiform set of projections and video performances improved by Emanuele Alosi(drums) and Daniele Falletta (guitar). Show by show, song by song, also the voice starts having an important role. The concept of having many different singers (both on stage and virtual) is characterized by the permanent contribution and it also represents a sustainable expression.
Inspired by the Bristol sound the Grooming started playing in 2007 in Milan. 
Expressiveness and technology, melody and electronic music, mind and instrument face each other, mixing, fighting and seducing each other in a creative chaos that up to now has seen the predominance of the human factor.
The Grooming are also interested in the visual stimulation through original video projections and video performances during their live act.




Paolo Girellin / Bass
Giacomo Vanelli / Dj & Synth
Danielle Falletta / Guitar
Emanulle Alosi / Drums

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